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we meet people in life for a reason. some become great friends who will be there forever. no matter what. that person you can call on even if u ain’t spoke in years. we all need that someone in our lives. life can be hard on your own. it can be hard with a partner.Continue reading “realisation”


it seems the world has turned into a war zone. everyone’s feelings that have been pent up for years are now coming out. in these times we must all stick together as one. don’t get in to all the politics. it can send you round the bend. just focus on the main issue. innocent peopleContinue reading “riots”


one minute you are happy the next sad. life is a load of emotions. I realise maybe I haven’t been happy for a long time. but suddenly we can meet someone and that all changes. can we really like someone straight away or does it take time to fall in love. is there such thingContinue reading “happiness”

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